a Week's Worth of Words

a Week’s Worth of Words #1

AKA eavesdropping

How often do we stop and actually listen to the people around us? Each and every day we likely cross paths with hundreds of people and are thus passing by hundreds of different stories without even thinking twice about it. Everyone has their own highs, lows, and in-betweens; everything we go through, someone else goes through as well. It is rare that we stop to listen to what is actually going on and so I have decided to document phrases that I have heard each day of the week that, for some reason or another, stood out to me.

“Is this called eavesdropping?” Probably. “Isn’t listening to people’s random conversations a little creep?” Well, yeah. When you put it that way it does sound kinda creepy, but I swear my intent is pure. All I want to do is highlight the fact that so much is going on in the lives of people that we pass by every single day.

So , without further ado and before I make myself sound like more of a freak for listening to other people’s convos, I present to a Week’s Worth of Words:

“I want to become a social worker so I can fix old people’s brains.”

“I just walked in on a sex talk.”

“Every time I talk to you, I see how little you want to be here.”

“Seems like he has probably done a one-eighty since college.”

“When John drinks, he is so nice to me.”

“Man. He only asks for other people to share their opinions so he can know what to think for himself.”

“Just being a fat, couch-potato, slob all day.”

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