a Week's Worth of Words

a Week’s Worth of Words #1

Was originally gonna use "This Week in Words" but Jimmy Fallon got to it first

All too often I find myself either waiting in a conversation for my opportunity to speak, or sitting at a restaurant or public area mindlessly browsing through my phone. In either of those circumstances the one thing that I am failing to do is actually listen to what other people are saying. I’ve caught myself doing that a lot so this past week I decided to write down certain sayings or phrases that I found funny, truthful, or just plain weird and as a result I realized how much I was missing out on by not truly listening.

I’d highly encourage everyone to make themselves listen more often and allow for a better appreciation of someone else’s tale, even if you only get an excerpt of it.

So, without further ado, here is a Week’s Worth of Words:


“But we like talking to you.”
“This summer is nothing like I hoped it’d be.”
“My only experience with frats had been the movies and media.”
“Is that the excuse now? That you’re God?”
“I was counting one second and then I turn around and she is on the table screaming.”
“People keep telling me that I’m gonna end up like the girl from Taken.”
“You know when you get that hair cut and you’re quiet? You’re dead inside.”

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